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It would help foster a sense of progression when choosing to specialize in a specific school by granting access to powerful, identity defining abilities without needing to sacrifice versatility. It would also lessen reliance on specific ability granting items that currently outweigh the investment of character specialization. Memory points would also become more individually worthwhile, as you would no longer need to invest 6 points (or more) to be able to slot higher level skills.

That's exactly why I suggested that skill's memory requirements should decrease once you level up in a specific school.

The interesting bit is that I have information that Larian might have alrady planned for such a feature. We just didn't progressed far enough in the alpha in order to get to a point at which this decreased memory requirement would happen.

I'd really like Larian (Swen?) to elaborate on the topic.

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After reading the first few pages I am surprised to see that nobody has mentioned this yet.

Hey, but I did... rpg001

The extreme dominance of memory became even bigger by the devaluation of APs... rpg007

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