This would make this the only feedback in these forums where we have the onus to articulate and prove the financial impact on sales of the game.

Also, it's clear that Larian is more than just a soulless business seeking to make a buck. Swen has also expressed his desire to reach a gender diverse audience. I'm not saying that this thread gives them the answers they need to achieve their goals, but it's food for thought.

Anyway, I appreciate the argument that sexy =/= sexist. As I said, I'm comfortable with sexiness but I don't see the male poses as equivalent as I'm not aware of any male human poses styled like ballet dancers.

The justification that was presented earlier is that the poses are styled based on historical references that, notably, never had women in poses designed to highlight their intellect or their strength. (The Ancient Greece argument made earlier.) Thus, at best this justification makes the style indirectly sexist by channelling historical sexism.