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tumblr hair and problem glasses. kekd.

If thats the "diversity" you want then no, i want none of that.

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It's nature trying to warn us.

This post is filled with prejudices.

Look, I don't find them particularly attractive. That's fine though, we're all allowed to have our own taste in what we find attractive. I also understand the desire to have characters in a game fit your ideals when it comes to female sexuality. I'm sure you'd also like the men to be somewhat attractive as fits your personal ideals, so you can feel more comfortable wearing their skin. I presume that none of the women from your image are likely to visit these forums, but none of this is any excuse for prejudice or personal attacks.

Personally, I don't think Overwatch provides a good reference point. An explicit component of its design is diversity. This is particularly clear when you observe that it includes, for example, a New Zealand Maori character as part of a cast of very diverse nationalities.

However, the first thing we need to recognise is that characters exist to serve the narrative, particularly in a story-driven example like D:OS or MGSV, so it's highly jarring when a character's design is based on external factors instead of the character's narrative role. This jarring feeling changes into discomfort when you then have to reflect on those external factors and realise that they actually have sexist origins.

A female warrior should be idealised for her strength. A female mage/scholar should be idealised for her intellect. If you find her strength or intellect sexy, then good for you. If not, then get over it.

Men get to be idealised for strength and be sexy because of their strength, not in spite of it. This a big part of the problem of catering to traditional ideals of sexiness. It's true that men should also have the freedom to be idealised in traditionally feminine roles (such as ballet), and perhaps there's room to style both men and women in this manner for the "finesse" roles.