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And given that we are intellectually equal, there is absolutely no justification for not respecting a woman for her intelligence.

Actually there's a proven big difference in how men and woman perform in different fields of intellectual tasks. Most men, for example, have an easier time with geometrical mathematics.

There are a lot of other things that sepperate the two biological sexes, viewed in a neuroscientific way.

Woman are better in:
- Optical tasks where it comes to remembering small details
- Are more fluid with languages and have an easier time picking new words and languages up
- Exact calculations
- Motor function of the hand

- And they have a higher speed of perception

Men are better in:
- Ability to abstract
- Mathematical deducations and conclusions
- Target oriented precise throwing and catching
- Optical abilities to perceive hidden objects

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But that does not mean we shouldn't respect a strong woman for her strength.

I can't remember anyone saying something against that, are you arguing against strawmans again?

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