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If this what you meant to say, you should rethink your argument.

Do you have a problem with nudity, generally? Can you articulate your problem? There are valid reasons to dislike nudity, but I really hope your reasons aren't as sexist as you've made them sound.

Are their valid reasons? Or just reason your relative moral standard would agree with? Is sexism even bad? Who said it was? How do you know they're right? Is cannibalism wrong? according to what objective moral, universally true standard? Did god tell you? But who told god? Where'd he find this universal truth? Or did god just say it was so....in which case, does that just means we judge standards relative to god's subjective, relative view?

Who said anything about objectivity?

I'm asking that he present a valid non-sexist argument against nudity. That doesn't mean I'll agree to it.

I'll also remind you that I'm an atheist.

Sexism is wrong because it derives from the assumption that there are differences between men and women that are fundamental biological realities without adequate justification. It's not sexist to say that women are the only sex who can give birth. It is sexist to say that men are the only sex who can do science.

Well first of all I hope you understand that world you are living in, is apparently very different from mine. You know there are countries beside EU and US, with their own cultures and beliefs.
We don't even have this term "sexism". Its not even an issue to us to argue about the differences of man and woman. Ideally we strife to life in a harmony where everyone is doing their part. Of course we have our ups and downs. For me woman is a mother, a sister, a partner, an obligation and responsibility. So for example you said that for you man and woman are equals, well, yes, why do you even have to state that. But! we have to have more responsibility than women does. Its just a natural and healthy way in my opinion. Ex: Do I want my woman to work? No I don't, cause I don't want her to get frustrated or tired or to have any worries that comes with the job. I just don't want that. Do I force her to stay at home? Nope. She is an adult human being. But what she does? She stays at home. Does she want to work? Maybe, maybe just out of curiosity. But she agrees with me. Do you get the dynamics here? We are equal, but I decided to take a full responsibility for her and she accepted that. We have a saying "Any man is a king of his own house." What it probably means to you - Any man is free to do whatever he wants with his woman. What it really means - The man is responsible for everyone living under his roof, first of all the safety, physical mental and moral. So when I said that I don't want that to happen to my daughter is me worrying about the mental and moral health of my child. What I meant when I said that woman should be protected even from herself is - How many times young woman are being lied to, f***ed and left, sometimes with a child. Leaving her to her own decisions when some boy is lying to her that he loves her and all that shit just to use her is weak and wrong. The point I'm trying to make is that your morals and "rights" or "wrongs" a very very very different from mine! Cause we literally live in a different worlds! I read your posts. Even your mindset about this issue is strange and alien to me. As the mindset of the person who wrote about going naked to sauna. That concludes : my opinion of the issue is mine, and its right for me and the world I live in, and yours are probably true to the world you live in. So saying that opinions should be justifiable is only viable when you share the culture. But thank God we all speak English and can share different views on this issue, so maybe someone will benefit from it. That was the whole point of me posting, maybe some woman will read this and think "you know this is interesting, I should try this" and that will save her from something bad.