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This is the direct cause of experiences such as the one that Vometia expressed where colleagues questioned her aptitude in IT because of her gender. (This not only affects women, mind you. Men also face roadblocks if they want to take on feminine roles.)

I should put the record straight there: that's not something I've experienced much within IT itself (a field which in my experience used to be much more open to women, by the by: there was almost parity between men and women when I started out, but it seems women in particular were turned off by an increasingly toxic working environment. Men didn't generally like it much either but seemed more resigned to trying to live with it. Anyway...) but has periodically been a notable feature outside of my professional environment. Not on a particularly major scale, but there are a few people whose opinions have been, erm, "notable". I'm never sure whether to be more amused or irritated when someone who knows I started working in IT nearly 30 years ago and who has no experience of it himself starts trying to explain to me how computers work...

But regarding the conclusion, speaking personally, I think the matter of sexism in the workplace and games is something that should be approached with great caution: obviously where it's a problem it needs to be addressed seriously, but where such an approach could result in the wrong solution to the wrong problem, I would be extremely uncomfortable having it done in my name.

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