First of all, the differences in men and women, including intelligence, are biological first and foremost. Even within the U.S., the bell curve for female intelligence is much more clustered around the mean, while male intelligence is more spread out. This means that there are more genius men than genius women, but there are also more stupid men than stupid women.

In first-world countries, there is no sexism against women. Yes, the genders are different, but these differences go so far back historically that they have been made biological through natural selection.

But none of this matters, because this is a video game. The developers can make the characters however they like, and I adamantly support their ability to do so. That being said, I see absolutely no problem with the way the genders are presented in this game.

I swear to god, if this forum turns into a bunch of women complaining about "sexism" in a video game, I'm out.