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Men didn't generally like it much either but seemed more resigned to trying to live with it.

Not on a particularly major scale, but there are a few people whose opinions have been, erm, "notable". I'm never sure whether to be more amused or irritated when someone who knows I started working in IT nearly 30 years ago and who has no experience of it himself starts trying to explain to me how computers work...

I have noticed in life, anecdotal, of course, that guys are more willing to put up with crap much more often, on average, than a woman when it comes to certain things. Maybe we're just being more stubborn when we dig our heels in, on average, though :P Grrr Manly Stoicism and bottling our emotions. "Lost an arm? Tis but a scratch!"

I've seen this reflected in game forums, my two years working at a restaurant (man but the hiring and firing there was like a revolving door for most people), my girlfriend, and one of my housemates who's had more job changes than I can keep count of for all kinds of reasons concerning why one place or another made her ultimately unhappy/bored/unprofessional/ect...

Also, how stupid do those people feel when they try to explain to you how computers work? Their expressions must be more than a little comical. And I'd say the correct reaction is amused. I'd definitely encourage amusement and milking it for as much much joke material as possible.

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I swear to god, if this forum turns into a bunch of women complaining about "sexism" in a video game, I'm out.

Meh, I doubt it'd get that bad, and at least it'd act as a magnet for all the other threads that devolve into this. As long as it's all in one place, I'm fine with it. There's also the fact that the OP is in the minority here.

I just lost my patience when there's a new thread (or connected enough that it might as well be) about it all the time or someone bringing it into a new thread all the time.

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