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PS. I still thinking its highly wrong to push your views onto a medium just for the sake of making it one more tool in the overarching scheme of things that we call life such that your views gain greater traction in society.

Well, basically we are talking sexual objectification (that's what a bikini armor is, after all). So you have three sides, those that want it for both sexes, those that don't want it at all, and those who are happy the way things are, sexual objectification of female only. There are worlds and places where it makes sense (Conan the Cimmerian, the princesses in Dragon Commander), but I havn't seen anything that make it fit for armors in previous Divinity games.

You may say it's a political agenda, but keeping things the way they are is one too (because things are doesn't mean they have to be kept that way).

There's some truth here. My counter point is this: All groups are active in creative mediums, especially in the present day world where political social activism is the new rage again. One group should not be pushing it's onto the creation of another group or the identity of another group.

I.E. What they did with Ghostbusters or what seems to be happening here

If you want to make a new IP or game or piece or art or book or something that contains your values, go right ahead. Freedom of Speech and all that. If I like your game , or what have you but dislike, the inherent messages that come with it, I might grumble, but I won't begrudge the fact that it's your freedom to make it and I wouldnt demand you change it. Point of fact, I have appreciated creative material made by "feminists" and such and enjoyed them...just I've enjoyed "sexists" work. They can exist in tandem....

Also, I fundamentally disagree that sexual objectification only happens to women. Hell, even in things like the original D:OS cover art. How men and women are idealized sexually is inherently different, after all, and shouldn't be looked at with the same check list.

^ But that's neither here no there and I appreciate you focusing on a more constructive point; one where I don't feel the need to point out flaws in moral philosophy arguments concerning right and left wing politics.

Also, considering current technology development and how game design is progressing, it seems to me that more powerful character creation and/or wide selections of various character all under the sun is becoming more and more of thing. The old way of having just a few notable stereoypes or options is dying out. People love options and feeling like they really identify or own their avatars, after all.

Thus, given more time, all these group this or group that stuff will eventually just go away on it's own. It's all converging to an all inclusive environment: one where a guy can have his big breasted, sex goddess in bikini armor and another can have a guy in a dress being a transexual barbarian who identifies as a pyrofox.

Civ 6 just announced a new cool female leader with interesting abilities as well. It's about 1:1 male and female leaders and each is interesting in their own way. It was slightly amusing in a "Damn, people are stupid way" when someone apparently decided to connect this, a change in artistic style, and the fact that a female dev with cool pink hair was the one on camera with feminism and political correctness (Steam forum if you want to look) <- As much as you think we bash on you guys when you pull up stuff about sexism and politics and stuff, me and others here and on other forums are just as quick to bash people like that as well.

Also, serious warriors in bikini armor is one of the most retarded, magical things I've ever seen. Does it magically give Charm bonuses to make dodging easier? Cause it should be giving you something in exchange for practicality. Unless, the enemy is so busy staring at your tits they can't help but swing for them in some dazed attempt to cop a feel while forgetting they're holding a weapon.

Sometimes outlandish stuff like that is for jokes/satire and sometimes the characters make sense of it (ex Revi from Black Lagoon), but I also have a funny look moment when I see it in things where the setting is much more grim dark or serious.

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