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There have been a few topics that have tackled issues of gender and sexism as presented in D:OS2. As some of those threads have gotten out of control, I felt it was time to start fresh and try to cover the subject as comprehensively and maturely as I can.

So far, the concerns I've had regarding the subtext regarding gender relate to:
  • -> Contrast between male and female poses during character creation
  • -> Sebille (female) as the only scantily clad playable character, and the first character you see during character creation

This is certainly not exhaustive. There are potentially other issues that will be more apparent through further exploration of the game and as more content is released.

Stop right there, red flag. If the topics got out of hand, you are just looking for a debate then..you know the forums here do not share the same view as you, yet you want to push on it to literally start a debate / fight... so stop it.

secondly, don't lump all females together. I am 100% you and I don't have anything in common. Cause like.. I can tell a video game apart from reality.

*sighs* the elf female thing. You know know their lore correct? in this game..it would make zero sense if they were walking around in full plate armor going "don't look at me!"

Been playing for hours and have not found anything sexist in the game. Look at Griff in fort joy he has male and female thugs. \o/ and his female thugs were actually harder to fight then his male ones @_@.

Larian is a great company and they shouldn't have to deal with this issue again in this games forums. So stop it *gets the spray bottle* Let them focus on more important things, like DM mode, creation tools... ^_^!

respawn timers and level scaling! just saying, make it a thing! *runs away*

[Linked Image]

I will turn into a rainbow of happy if those two things make it into the editor tools.... and some kinda corpse removal thingy