I don't want to harp on your parade and life story their pal, but two things. I mean, I could being up others, but I only really want to focus on two.

1) While I don't really agree with Testad's opinions, his culture is his culture and if him and his woman are happy then you really shouldn't be putting your foot in that door to say anything. Hell, you shouldn't be acting like your culture is better.

2) My grandpa does the same thing and my grand ma is perfectly happy with it; actually she's incredibly bothered by the idea of me touching her kitchen. They're from another time and another culture and they're happy

I stress the word happy cause it means that there's no need for you to interfere. You don't need to step in and say they shouldn't be happy and there's no need to try and deprive or change them away from something that makes them happy. At the point you're just doing it for yourself.

Read up on it. It's a pretty simple concept that most people deny out right cause of one basic premise: By accepting it, you accept that you're no position to say there's such a thing as moral progress since all things are relative and nothing it better than the other. Most people hate the idea they can't denounce something as wrong and another as inherently right.

I generally accept the above statement as a realistic truth despite believing in God.

My criteria for saying a cultural perspective/action/view is wrong is very small:
1) Does it hold a society back in a very quantifiable sense (science, industry, ect..?
2) Does it create general misery for the majority of the populace?

Of course there's the always present bonus round:
3) Does it cause upheavel in my, and those I care about, personal life where it's not needed nor desired?

^ But I'm a selfish human bastard that puts me and the few I care about first always. The rest of the world can burn for the most part.

EDIT: Aside from that, I'm not really trying to detract from the overall point you're trying to make in the end on your end. Just point out something. I'm not really looking for that argument on the whole "Is sexism a thing in present society? And if so, in what ways? And what should we do, if anything to address this?" and I'm not even really looking for an argument for "Is sexism wrong?" <- Just making sure that you, nor anyone else, tries to pull me into that.

I am not one for tact or subtlety or being empathetic. I am generally direct and very honest; I will only come across as an asshole (a very insensitive one) if you're views are significantly to the left or if you hold close emotional ties to some topic. I make it a point not to emotionally invest myself in many things. Social issues is definitely not one of them and arguing from a moral/emotional standpoint won't get you far with me when it comes to political things.

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