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If you want to make a new IP or game or piece or art or book or something that contains your values, go right ahead.

Actually I'm the one advocating against a change in the IP here smile
Bikiniplate has never been an issue in previous Divinity game because there was none. I want to keep it that way, the same way I want Larian to keep telling jokes and making puns in the game.

You are the one who agrees with a change of the IP, I'm the conservative one here :p

Mah, mah I was being more general. Lol But that's a good point ;P

But wasn't the original D:OS gonna have bikini armor according to the box art? (I'm kinda glad they changed it, but I would've been for it on say a rogue not meant to get hit anyway or if it was a joke thing) The artist made a whole post about it.

And in this specific case, I think I'd consider the Original Sin games separate from the others. They're all just so different and even the devs don't really try to keep a truly cohesive universe except loosely last I checked.

You do certainly raise a very valid point concerning Bikini armor and this IP. MMM, *mumble mumble* should we consider them all one IP *mumble mumble*

But! Yay! I got to play the part of being the non-conservative in a conversation for once on here! Viva La Resistance!