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And I want to clarify, that I never said it was "right" or "wrong" of him to insult me or for me to feel the way I do. What's objectively right is that there is an easy-to-prove case for sexism being very real and very present in a first-world country. I don't care if it was right of him to insult me, I just want it to stop ,which is why I said I would drop it after he further clarified on his point.

Ah......big oops and lots of sorries! I totally read that wrong then. I saw that point but I did kinda skim a more than a bit. I kinda just got the vibe you were implying those things were wrong.

If you're only point was on it's existence, then....yeah, sure. I don't need to say anything on that. Like I said: I don't want to touch that with a ten foot pole.....Pssshhh *whisper* B-b-but it does definitely exist in the world, even if I don't agree with the exstent others say it does *now running away from that topic*

Troll moment -> Aren't sensibilities relative? And to argue a problem exists you must agree to define what constitutes a problem.....and....Yep, could keep going with that but really that's me being a bit of a dick cause I have an odd sense of humor and I have moments where I feel like being asinine

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