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And I want to clarify, that I never said it was "right" or "wrong" of him to insult me or for me to feel the way I do. What's objectively right is that there is an easy-to-prove case for sexism being very real and very present in a first-world country. I don't care if it was right of him to insult me, I just want it to stop ,which is why I said I would drop it after he further clarified on his point.

Ah......big oops and lots of sorries! I totally read that wrong then. I saw that point but I did kinda skim a more than a bit. I kinda just got the vibe you were implying those things were wrong.

If you're only point was on it's existence, then....yeah, sure. I don't need to say anything on that. Like I said: I don't want to touch that with a ten foot pole.....Pssshhh *whisper* B-b-but it does definitely exist in the world, even if I don't agree with the exstent others say it does *now running away from that topic*

Well, you know I can't help but forgive you when you put it so demurely.

And yeah, I can see why you wouldn't want to touch it. But as far as not believing in it to the same extent that others do, please keep in mind, that these things I bring up are all things that have happened to me or to people close to me, and additionally that I pretty much aggregated the biggest, most traumatic examples that I can remember from like the past 14 years, so that's spread out over quite a long time. I don't mean to make it out to be a huge deal, because I feel that it's really not. Things have gotten way better for women in the past decade, I feel.

That, and there's much worse issues here in Texas anyways, ones that I have lots of personal experience with. Like race! But! Not gonna open up that can of worms.

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Troll moment -> Aren't sensibilities relative? And to argue a problem exists you must agree to define what constitutes a problem.....and....Yep, could keep going with that but really that's me being a bit of a dick cause I have an odd sense of humor and I have moments where I feel like being asinine

Well yes, of course sensitivities are relative. But that's what makes them so relevant to me personally. My sensibilities are offended ---> I want people to stop offending them ---> tell the offender politely yet firmly to stop, is the natural flow of logic, and it's where my point led. Again, I never said it was by any means objectively wrong of him to offend me. He can say offensive things all day long, just like my racist uncles do. But when it affects me directly, then I must take action to cause it to stop, which is what I did, and I further ensured that he stop by directly addressing why he was offending me, and explaining the issue to him so that hopefully he would understand, and I would no longer be offended. Once more, not saying anything objective. Just personally feeling insulted and taking direct steps to alleviate that.

As for what constitutes a problem, anything that causes me emotional distress causes me a problem, as stress ties directly to my health, and I already have a stress disorder. But, like I said, I am taking steps to solve my problem directly.

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