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Well, you know I can't help but forgive you when you put it so demurely.

And yeah, I can see why you wouldn't want to touch it. But as far as not believing in it to the same extent that others do, please keep in mind, that these things I bring up are all things that have happened to me or to people close to me, and additionally that I pretty much aggregated the biggest, most traumatic examples that I can remember from like the past 14 years, so that's spread out over quite a long time. I don't mean to make it out to be a huge deal, because I feel that it's really not. Things have gotten way better for women in the past decade, I feel.

That, and there's much worse issues here in Texas anyways, ones that I have lots of personal experience with. Like race! But! Not gonna open up that can of worms.

Haha well, thanks for being forgiving.

And I totally get where you're coming from. I have personal experience or at least know people with lots of personal experience concerning hardships and tragedies and what not of various kinds from many walks of life. My problem is that when I always put things in perspective of population scale and proportions, numbers, and artificially perceived inflation of an issue given the information era and technology we now have. I don't try to say social issues don't exist, but anecdotal accounts vs hard numeric data on the seriousness of the issue.

*sheepish shrug* Gah, look at you. Somehow Jedi mind tricking me into discussing politics seriously! *sigh* Way too early for that; I should be in my bed with my beautiful girlfriend but insomnia paired with ADHD sucks

By the by, that was the best argument I've seen yet for saying you were justified in defending and standing up for your relative subjective views; what with the the whole flow of logic and what naturally occurs when you're sensibilities are offended.

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