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In my experience, it seems that psychiatric interestingnesses often hang around in gangs, so while they may be distinct and different to each other, in practice I think it's often quite easy to relate. It's one of those subjects where they can often seem more different than they are alike on the basis that all people are different, speaking as someone who for a long time rejected the idea of autism because "but I'm not like that". No, I'm like me, which is the whole point! The autism angle no more identifies me than having brown eyes (or whatever colour I've chosen today: one of the advantages of wearing contacts is that it conveniently panders to the indecisive in that regard at least).

Ah, I see!

I should learn from your example. My mental illness has really been controlling my life lately, between the medication side effects keeping me bedridden and the disorder itself flaring back up in the absence of any antipsychotics. Also, I would totally do colored contacts, but I was born with crystal blue eyes, which I've been told look really pretty! Then again, I've always been partial to the thought of glowing neon green irises, so I'll have to give it a shot someday!