There is stuff, that makes women biological superior to men in specific areas, and stuff that makes men superior to women. But no every man and every woman are the same, some men are more like women and some women more like men, natur is strange. Men in general are strong in body but weak in mind, they are better soldiers and heavy workers but more likely to kill themself, sometimes just out of recklessness. Women can withstand far more suffering and because they are weaker bodywise they tend to be smarter, if you are weak you need to outsmart the stronger one. "Behing a strong man is always a strong woman" just a different kind of strong. Also women tend to be far more hard-working than men.

There is of course still sexism in the first world, there are many fields where women need to work harder to gain the same, and some fields were men are looked at as less competent. Overall women are getting more and more on the same field, but they still get more discriminated, mainly because men are afraid of their competition.

Men prefer to look down and women prefer to look up. If men and women met on a plain field, neither side will have a lot to look at.