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  • Honour Mode
  • Ironman
  • Dead Is Dead
  • Trial of Iron
  • No Death Ruleset

Having the entire party die in one cheap blow when everyone is at full life is ridiculous in any type of Ironman mode.

Two shots is acceptable.

In other words I agree with the OP. Honour mode is untested and was designed by someone with no experience with dead is dead rule sets.

Honour mode isn't untested. Honour mode is also not for casual players. It's meant for people who want a brutal challenge, and get punished for their mistakes. (Yes, most deaths in Honour mode are because you made a mistake, or didn't plan far enough ahead)

Besides, Divinity is VERY lenient in terms of death. It's why you have resurrection scrolls. Dead isn't dead in Rivellon, in more ways than one, actually.

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