All this is fine and dandy, until you realize two major things:

-Despite their vocality on the issue, feminists/sjws are not the majority of consumers, nor is their view on the issue the prevailing one.
An average woman will not play video games, because she doesn't want to play them, and making them more inviting to her will not change that.
An average woman has never even been 'on the internet' outside of a few blogs and facebook and, once she reaches a certain point in her life, she will deliberately remove herself from the internet to take care of her career or family.
So long as the actual rights they have are not being threatened(such as the right to abortion in Poland right now), average women do not give a damn about how they are depicted in media, and often times will instead aspire to be as successful/beautiful as those depictions portray, rather than demand those depictions be altered.
"First world sexism" is an issue average women consider only when polled about it directly.

-The second thing is a small one, called 'artistic integrity'.
Larian chose a direction for their world, and how it depicts the sexes. It is an artistically sound direction, with it both tested and new ideas. It is a world many of us enjoy in it's current form, and while it might make it enjoyable for more people to introduce some changes, more often than not doing so was to the detriment of the final product.
It is better to please those that already enjoy your work to the fullest, then to leave a mild impression on everyone.