Diamonds were never really girls best friends. That was just marketing to make men buy diamonds for their women. If there exists no need for your product, create one...

@ Testad:
Yes, men and women will always be different and no neither men and men nor women and women will always feel and think the same. Not every man wishs to be a warrior or would feel happy doing so. I sure like the competition in MOBAs or the fight against evil in video games like DOS. But all that violence in real life just shows, how savage we humans still are. Not every mother has a real connection or understanding for they kids, not every father has no understanding at all. Do understand their needs is mainly a matter of empathy, something wich sadly seems to be more of trait that is dying out. But it is true, women are better at all those emotional things, partwise because they are women so softer and more sociable, but also partwise because men tell boys how a 'real men' has to be, like my father tried.

Anyway the problem with most kings is: They really think it is the green interpretation, their right to reign and command.