I was reading the interview in PC Gamer and I quote:

We get a lot of people complaining that it’s too hard, so that’s a good thing.

I sincerely hope you wont be catering to the masses and start dumming the game down. I'd rather see more difficulty options added, like you did in the Enhanced Edition. That way players can get the experience they want, be it easier or a harder game.

I'm not trying to come of as some "look at me how good I am"-guy but the game today isn't very difficult. Although, I've played the first one alot botht the vanilla and Enhanced Edition and I absolutely loved the Tactician Mode, so I guess that experience goes a long way.

When a game is to easy it quickly becomes boring, so I really hope you have some plans to add a Tactician Mode'ish difficulty and not keep that for any possible future Enhanced Edition.