ugh..I hate when I have to be serious. but this topic is getting majorly out of hand.Like for serious's a video game.


- They are their own worst enemy and sorry to any ladies who think they are a feminist on here all they do is preach hate . Feminists do not play video games, as most in the feminism movement still view it as a male dominated industry. Now the hipster "ya, I'ma a feminist" do..I am sure I will get tons of flame for this.. but the feminist movement is a cult logic brain washing to spread hate. There have been women who made their place and opened doors for others without man bashing or picking things apart.

humanitarian now these are more people we need. less about stupid gender tags and more about humanity as a whole. ♥

The World

We live on it, is it always fair? nope..I have seen other parts of the world brought up in here. Their culture is their culture.

2. Video games

- So, I feel weird having to explain it should be common sense. Video game's are not real, nor do they express how a company might feel for any gender. Men and Women are placed in various scenarios..I mean I don't complain when I see muscled rawr god of a man on a game cover. It's visual marketing, catching the eye. Same with females on covers or in games. it's marketing...

The elves

*shakes a stick angrily* Elf, Elf, Elf....they are not human, with their lifestyle and lore the armor they wear makes sense.

Example. If you are living in the woods and running around.. do you really want to be in full armor?, flowers and leaf made stuff is like camouflage...also super cute to accessorize other nature treasures with...dang it! now I am jelly beans! Larian..humans need the right to wear Elf armor ;_;

this will be my last post in this topic, as this thread is a mega downer to see constantly brought up. Maybe complaints should get their own sub forum?