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I almost feel like I don't need to say anything. There have been plenty of colourful replies to this post that help make my point better than I ever could. There's certainly no need to create strawmen. They're living and breathing in this thread.

First, I'd like to thank SlamPow for sharing his experience. Thank you, Vometia, for clarifying your experience.

In response to Testad: those are some interesting assumptions. For the record, my family is pretty nuclear and my dad is ex-military, if that's masculine enough for you. Perhaps the defining feature of my parents is that they are both atheists who were raised in Christian families. In other words, they analysed the culture they were raised in and rejected it. That said, in matters of gender, they're certainly not much different to the rest of Australia. Both my parents work, but at home they generally take on their gendered roles.

Personally, when my wife and I have a child, I'd like to be the one taking time off work to look after the baby. Attitudes like yours make that goal less attainable.

Although melianos have pointed out flaws with the research references by Skallewag, I have taken this to heart and I will try to review the research on this further before responding. For now I'll point out that:

Regardless of any gender biases, there's still the problem of the earlier evidence I provided that demonstrate any actual differences to be cultural.

Yes, men take on more dangerous roles and are disproportionately represented in workplace fatalities. So are you going to tell me sexism isn't a problem? I never framed the issue of sexism as just a problem for women. It's a problem for everyone.

That's all I have time for right now.

Hey! The OP finally got back to us! Things are about to heat up in here ;P

Good to see you going out of your way to read opposing data points.

And I recommend that you always do what you did their at the end by showing sexism as detrimental to both sides. It increases your credibility as an unbiased speaker.

I'd like to point out, whether "sexist" opinions exist are not, there's nothing legally stopping you and your wife bucking traditional gender roles in the relationship unless you really care all that much about other's opinions. I do it with mine all the time; it's a running gag that she's my boyfriend and I'm the girlfriend cause of how we normally interact.

Consider reading up on trends concerning stay home dads though. It's very......upsetting. Family units generally fall apart cause of the wife and then family/civil court basically drills them, the husbands, afterwards at times. There's also none of the legal support nets to help them back on their feet that women have. <- It's a growing problem. Hell, I looked it up and read about it cause I'd be the more likely one in a marriage to stay at take care of the kids. I'm neither really ambitious or very attached to a career.

There's also issues with when the father is the one taking the kid to the park alone and there's mostly just moms and so on.

Maybe you've considered this before, though. Just felt like saying something since you generally seem alright.

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