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I do it with mine all the time; it's a running gag that she's my boyfriend and I'm the girlfriend cause of how we normally interact.

Lol i love this guy!

Dude now stop talking crazy and makes us some tea!

I keep 9 different brands and types in the house, along with cream, milk, honey, and different sugars...oh and cinnamon sticks :P I also make some damn fine grilled chicken sandwhiches and chicken soup.

My girlfriend would make a horrible horrible wife by traditional standards. @_@ If I left it to her she'd just eat mac and cheese and things out of cans or pre-made stuff. Oh my god, she can be perfectly fine eating nothing but Pasta Sides (just add milk and heat up) and Lipton Soup with some toast and other odds and ends.....

Nevermind, how low keeping our bedroom and shard office space cleaned and organized is for her.

Beautiful, intelligent, passionate woman.....definitely wouldn't be together if I considered traditional gender roles all that important, though.

EDIT: Would cinnamon sugar be it's own thing or just another type of sugar?? I never known if I should say it's an option explicitly or not

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