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Again, and I cannot stress this enough, as Skallewag mentioned, the primary reason for the disparity in many areas nowadays is that just not enough women are applying themselves. But I feel that there are societal and cultural reasons that they are not doing so which are not being addressed.

I guess I see what you mean, but, honestly, whether you dislike what others find as a sexist joke..it shouldn't be enough of a reason to not apply or to leave. When you stick a bunch of guys together, they're gonna do guy things: like talk about women, and butts, and tits, and make jokes about their girlfriends and all that jazz that I'm sure is very offensive and upsetting to some women or maybe even a large portion of women. Remember, though, girls do the same thing: I've been there to see it and experience it. It's a two way street.

According to Lady V (from what I read) and my own reflections though it just seems like men are willing to put up with crap they dislike or hate. We'll more likely resign ourselves to it and trudge on.

In fact, if you google it I'm sure there's probably studies on it *shrug*

Also, yes -> affirmative action is bias and thus sexist/racist in it's own ways which is ironic

EDIT FOR THE EDIT: ....*tilting head* Not the place to discuss my life so getting rid of it

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