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it's kinda inappropriate to do in the presence of the other gender regardless, especially in a professional setting.

Oh it certainly is un-professional. I prefer lax work environments though; it's what I'm use to and I find it keeps me from stressing more than I have to. There's pros and cons to it though. My housemate disagrees with me and likes really professional places: suit and all. I look at her like she's crazy when she says that's her idea IT work enviroment

I wouldn't know about inappropriate *shrug* I grew thick skin. Others can do the same. I'm not overly concerned about peoples feelings when I don't know them personally.

Like I said, human bastard -> which describes lots of us.

Personally, if you're willing tp put up with my crap, I should with yours and vice versa

Fair enough. Glad to see that we can see eye to eye!