No, SlamPow.

We can't have you agreeing with aj0413.

You have to fight. You have to struggle. The forums demand blood.

Also, aj0413, sexism definitely exists in tech it just depends on where you are working. Bay Area? That place is riddled with entitled fuckbois and bro/rape culture. It's not necessarily the norm though. Also, some issues of sexism are pretty much buried underneath culture as an expression of survival or a means to gain power in a system that may or may not favor them.

Since you're playing nice with SlamPow, I am going to say that moral relativism is actually a memetic virus designed to kill the ego and thus, somehow into nuclear war.

As for you SlamPow, since you're playing nice Imma have to fight you.


But I feel that there are societal and cultural reasons that they are not doing so which are not being addressed.

What you're saying is an impossibility to address to the differences in genetic expression and cultural/societal reasons have adapted over thousands of years to best take advantage of these differences maximiing societal efficiency.