To me, it's even more than nonsense actually. It's overreaching the bounds of what a player and a game studio should have between them. The narrative and the art style of a game should be treated as an intellectual property owned by the studio, such as the story is for a novel or the scenario for a movie. As such, a gamer has the right to say he or she doesn't like the narrative or the game design because he or she finds it offensive, but in no way he or she has the right to say something should be changed about it.

It would be exactly the same as going to Mr Tolkien and tell him he should add some dwarven females in the company Bilbo is having a journey with because not doing so is utterly sexist. How do you think Mr Tolkien would have answered to such a plea?

Those kind of issues brought into the game industry are a hindrance to creativity and bring the whole narrative of gaming into some boring political correctness we certainly don't need. Games shouldn't be the place for social issues to have a good fight. It's an entertainment and should remain one in my opinion.