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No, I'm not saying that sexism isn't a problem, I'm saying your country (I'm persuming its the US or a somewhat comparable western country), is not generally sexist.

Sure we can find examples of some people who are sexist, just like we can find some examples of people who are racist, or stupid, or psycopaths, or nazis, or murderers. But if I say that americans in general are not sexist, racist, psycopathic moron nazi murderers, I am sure you would at least agree with me somwehat. This leads us to asking why it is you think they are sexist. There are invidivual examples of all of these, but its not true in general and all of them are behaviors that are frowned upon.
If what area women chose to work in is caused by sexism, how did you arrive at that conclusiuon? If I remember correctly you did earlier in this thread acknowledge men and women being different,
but if that is the case, why would you expect them to make the same career choises in life?
Also, even if the default would be that despite mens and womens differences they still prefered the same jobs, how did you concluide that the reason they don't make the same career choises is because of sexism?

I am by no means saying there are no individual examples of sexism. I am simply saying that society is not generally sexist, games are not sexist, just like men are not somehow "forced" to do all the dangerous work because of sexism.

So you think that women are strong and independent, but the sexism is just too much for them in certain places and their womanly nature makes them avoid their dream jobs in favor of something else because its just too hard for them in certain careers?

I think women are equally capable of pursuing what interests them in life. I think they can deal with work place adversity. Not because they are women, but because they are adults. Just like men deal with adversity in their careers, not because they are men, but because they too are adults.
In some cases men and women face different problems, but I believe both are capable of dealing with them.

While you have not made a compelling case for society being sexist, you could convince me that you hold some sexist opinions about women, maybe you should try to quit doing so?

You are not correctly interpreting what I am saying.

Since my grandmother, with her degree on the subject, is not here to talk to you, I'll just cite some articles, like you asked.













Obligatory wikipedia link:


And since you specifically mentioned STEM being nice to women, here's a study that very clearly, with facts and figures, proves otherwise:


And another:


I could go on and on about why I think you're wrong. But you've yet to cite any sources. You've yet to prove a point. And you've stooped so low as to attack me directly. You're a strawman at this point - not worth arguing with.

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