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Okay, it seems that they believe discrimination to be a non-issue. My bad. However,

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And I'd imagine that mothers are treated that way, because they have a child and thus can't be trusted to be as reliable or willing to work as much as a non parent. Then you throw in the maternity leave possibility and stuff and they become an undesirable employee. In the same vain, fathers are less desirable than a non parent. And then there's always age to take into account.

The study clearly shows that fathers do not have the same problem mothers do, not even ones that take paternity leave. How is that not the definition of discrimination, and therefore sexism? Also,

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You can't even really expect to know how someone will react so basing it off gender and biology isn't that bad..

But this is the absolute, by-the-book definition of sexism. There is nothing more sexist than making a clear distinction between the capabilities of men and women in the workplace based on gender.

Let's clarify sexism -> "unjust" prejudice or distinction

Distinction itself is okay. What you're arguing here is if it's "unjust" in the case of maternity leave

And I'm honestly just taking your word for whatever study says :P I don't think you'd lie. I'm not actually reading the links ya know?

If you say the study says that fathers (even ones taking maternity) leave aren't treated same as moms. Then consider a list of less desirable qualities:
Can get pregnant
Might take maternity leave
Personal responsibilities ex parent
Medical history

Given this it seems to me a mom would match to more than a guy.

Now if your data or data you have says that even when it's clear that a woman won't get preganant again and both her and the father plan for maternity leave (and that statistics show both are as likely to take it -> even if it's more a neccisty for women on average (the birth and healing from it)) and in all other accounts they're equal but the mom gets shafted -> I'd say that is a problem.

Also, guys leaving for maternity leave as often as women should be taken into account nearly as often. But not everyone knows that (I didn't) and don't care enough to look it up so they just go with what makes sense to them given biology.

That's not being "unjust" just not fully informed. Which isn't sexist. And will probably work itself out as it becomes more common knowledge