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Let's clarify sexism -> "unjust" prejudice or distinction

Distinction itself is okay. What you're arguing here is if it's "unjust" in the case of maternity leave

Uh, actually,

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noun: sexism

prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

It is merely a stereotype that women are going to be taking maternity leave when the child is born. Thus, it is sexist.

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consider a list of less desirable qualities:
Can get pregnant
Might take maternity leave
Personal responsibilities ex parent
Medical history

I don't see how these are "less desirable qualities", since all of these could apply to a man (minus getting pregnant). Heck, men can even suffer from post partum depression and pregnancy sickness! (fun fact)

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Now if your data or data you have says that even when it's clear that a woman won't get preganant again and both her and the father plan for maternity leave (and that statistics show both are as likely to take it -> even if it's more a neccisty for women on average (the birth and healing from it)) and in all other accounts they're equal but the mom gets shafted -> I'd say that is a problem.

Oh, but it does! In the study, both mothers and fathers mention in the interview that they plan to take leave to be with the child, and the woman still gets the short end of the stick. I'd tell you more, but the paper refrences a study I don't have access to. frown

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Also, guys leaving for maternity leave as often as women should be taken into account nearly as often. But not everyone knows that (I didn't) and don't care enough to look it up so they just go with what makes sense to them given biology.

Remember: stereotyping is still sexism, and this is stereotyping. Uninformed or not.