Well, huh it seems google agrees with you.

I was rocking off what I read on Webster some time which makes a pint to mention unjust

Well in that case, I should clarify that unjust distinction is the only one I care about *shrug*

Also that was kind of my point a women had one more undesirable quality and not a small one

Also -> we are talking about maternity leave (both medical and family leave included) where the woman must take time off for birth and healing? But the family leave is optional for both genders after the birth.

Cause when I talk about maternity leave in conjunction with gender and employment, it's the medical leave that I'm really pointing to here that causes a distinction that's justified

Edit: o.O and I wouldn't call that a fun fact. Not having to worry about the effects of pregnancy was a plus in my book. You're taking part of that away from me...

Edit2: I probably should've clarified the medical leave part earlier

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