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Also -> we are talking about maternity leave (both medical and family leave included) where the woman must take time off for birth and healing? But the family leave is optional for both genders after the birth.

Cause when I talk about maternity leave in conjunction with gender and employment, it's the medical leave that I'm really pointing to here that causes a distinction that's justified

This is a very real concern, I'll concede. However, I sadly cannot say what the merit to this is. Here is the best article I could find on the subject:


According to the article, some people take 6 weeks due to the trauma giving birth wracks on their body. Others take days.

In my family, women were expected to take off a couple of days to give birth, and that was it. Hell, my aunt worked from the delivery room on her laptop!

In short: I cannot discuss this meaningfully with you, because A) there is no good data out there on it, and B) from what little I can gather, it varies heavily from woman to woman.