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Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here wishing for the other non-elven race/gender combos that I play to get more attractive and form-fitting clothing options.

At this point, maybe Larian would be better off removing Elves altogether given the drama they cause, or make them utterly inhuman to the point where they completely look as though they are made from wood/tree bark, lack breasts, hair, more androgynous, etc.

Maybe that will shut people up, when you take something and make it have no appealing characteristics at all, turn it into just a thing that everyone looks at neutrally, and that inspires no feelings whatsoever.

"The Drama" they cause is purely in this forum alone, being constantly pushed by the same 2-3 people. I'm sorry but I don't see a widespread drama that would cause larian to rethink their character design. look at twitter, I even gave up scrolling in trying to find any mention of elves.

Now to get my own opinion into this whole discussion. I can understand certain people that really don't like the design and the representation it creates ,but I actually do like it, not for the "muh boobs" but just for the race-fantasy of having a woodlands elf race that dresses mainly in nature and sh*t and I like that, I like having different races that aren't just all on the same level of technology or... well fashion. Plus it lets me play as a skimpy male mage and I live for that.

I get it, female representation matters, but some people here really need to get down, log off and let off some steam, because they turned a small discussion about them disliking the design of elves into a political and social commentary discussion on such a high level that shouldn't be even there for a simple entertainment media... I understand the necessity to move away from the sexual objectification in games, I personally really dislike female characters that are obviously just there for the b-factor, but that doesn't have to mean that all forms of sexual representation has to be bad. I actually have to applaud Larian Studios for representing both genders of a race in the same level of "skimpyness" (for a lack of a better word coming to my mind), I was so prepared for changing sebille origin to custom one, change to male and then see a male character in full platemail and showing like 5 pixels of skin but I was pleasantly surprised to the point where I don't mind and can actually get them being serious about having a race that does dress in leafs. The only Issues I agree with is some of the poses that are ridiculous and the fact that sebille is the first origin selected when you start a new character, which is questionable. I'd much rather see lohse or the Red Prince as the first selected origin, or maybe one of the other coming origins.

All in All... People... Stop getting yourself worked up over this issue... currently this forum is spammed with the same topic in 10 different threads and all are on the top because of people pushing and pushing and it's obvious that it's just a vocal minority at this point...

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