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Knock it off, but them back in your pants.. sit down and play the game... This thread is insanely toxic and doesn't need to be on these forums.. it's become nothing more then a pissing contest / ego peen size contest. Excuse the language.

These kinds of topics are not what people who just purchased the game and come to the forums should see. It's not productive or helpful... or even valid feedback. It's a recycled topic which was toxic before also. Know I said my last post was my last here... but this topic keeps floating to the top and it's horrible how people are acting.

Lock it, remove it..bann it if it returns. ~ P l e a s e ~

I'm sorry, Ellary. You're completely right. I'll try not to be so easily provoked in the future, and I want to apologize to you and others like you who have to deal with this in a place devoted to discussion about a video game.