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Nyanko: Your interpretation of "intellectual property" is very different from the legal definition. It really sounds like your argument falls under the category of "freedom of speech".

Of course Larian has freedom of speech. And they can be the judge as to whether that speech is working as intended. Judging from the article posted by Swen, these issues are something that's on their radar. You shouldn't assume you're an expert on their creative vision. If they do decide to make changes, you'll probably accuse them of caving in to special interests? I'd argue it would be an example of them seizing an opportunity to better realise their creative vision.

aj0413: I think it's interesting that you posit that sexism doesn't exist, and justify it by saying that women in particular seem to suffer from a weakness that makes it difficult for them to persevere when faced with bullshit in an office environment.

What is this weakness, exactly, and where does it come from? Do you have any evidence supporting your claim? How can you justify your claims as anything except more of the bullshit women have to put up with?

It can be fair to argue that women sometimes miss out on professional opportunities because they have different professional attitudes. We shouldn't sit around here and blame all issues of sexism on the workplace environment. That's the complete opposite of my point.

The problem, again, is that sexism permeates through every part of our lives. Whether or not a specific workplace is progressive, at the end of the day women go home to a partner who wants to be "king". She watches movies, TV shows and plays games that tell her that her strength, her intelligence, her professional capabilities are all less important than maintaining a persistent image of femininity.

I'm confident that workplaces are generally sexist, but I'll try to review sources further and assess this with an open mind before properly addressing this matter again. HOWEVER, this is just one component of a broad culture of sexism that interferes with the lives of both men and women and specifically works to erode the professional confidence of women.

stop it seriously.. cause I will take a forum bann to knock you into place and my sugary sweet coating can quickly turn into a toxic taffy....this topic was around before and was toxic..it didn't need to come back.

I have been playing the same game as you and found nothing sexist anywhere.. never once where my breasts offended. You twist and manipulate what is said.. One female to another...grats on being a prime example of typical female behavior.

Larian...please..please...please.. make a sub forum for complaints unrelated to the game. This topic has gone so far away from the game it's just toxic. It's literally people just trying to force their view and prove each other wrong now.