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"Have you ever experienced sexual discrimination before? Have you not listened to a woman who's gone through it? Have you not read a word about how Vometia feels talked down to because of her hender, did you not read a word that Testad said in the other thread about men being the kings of the household, about how women should be protected from themselves?"

That has nothing to do with being told that I'm out of line by someone I respect and care about, who is calmly stating that my behavior upsets them. That's asking if you have experienced discrimination or are aware of it, because I did not believe you had or were.

I find the comment that I am "white knighting" to be rude, denigrating and totally illogical. I have defended noone here, and even if I had, that's my prerogative. If you are respectful to people, they are much more likely to listen to what you have to say. Please keep this in mind when you post in the future.