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- Moddable GM mode
- GM playing monsters
- Player dedicated servers
- GMind the main game
- Add/Remove enemies, traps and such
- Permadeath/new character option
- Multiple GMs
- Dedicated server for persistent modules
- Connection to a database
- Chat channels
- Needs to be 100% stable
- On the fly conversations
- Release "when it's done" over delaying the game with it
- Queue events together or with a timer
- Player become GM and vice-versa
- Procedural generation
- Sessions replay
- Preplan and save an area
- Random Encounter chart for the GM
- Adding personal quest linked to the main campaign
- Hiding player stats from the GM
- A dialogue tool for GM

Basically has almost everything i feel is important.
To add a few:

-Customize/Create own items, NPCs, monsters including stats, skill, description and such.
-Speech Bubbles(private chat channels are good, but speech bubbles are the go to for RP).
-Able to create character bio and view other player's bio.
-Support more players, i'm not greedy, maybe around 10-12 players. Of course NWN kinda scale is the best.

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