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For those of you that have backed DOS2 via Kickstarter or PayPal: if your tier contains the Forum Badge reward, and you have filled in the email address you used to register here, you should now have a group badge in your profile screen that you can activate.

To do so, click on "My Stuff" in the menu up there and click "Edit Profile".

There, under "Group Images to display", check the box next to the badge and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

If your badge is not there:
- double check if you filled in the correct email address in the Larianvault;
- check if your tier actually grants you a badge;
- this is a manual thing and I'm not doing it daily, I will have another go in April;
- FYI, there were 4000+ email addresses filled in of which 3000 addresses were not found in the forum database, so it doesn't hurt to check opa


Followed the directions but I do not have "Group Images to display" showing in my profile and cannot get my badge.