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Temper enthusiasm NWN'ers... you'd think you've all learned by now. It's been deadly silent on what this is going to be, we'd think at this point a lot has to have been decided, unless the game is still over a year out.

I hope, if it doesn't live up to very lofty expectations as recent suggestions to me are, that we don't once again try to destroy the whole game by word of mouth because it isn't your dream game of Table Top 2 PC. Perhaps by D:OS 5 we'll get there, but accept baby steps towards that goal. As we can see no one is going all out to make a NWN replacement from the start, most likely they scared shit-less to try, due to fan expectations.

Their first attempt at modding in D:OS1 we have to look at as a failure, I'd go in very guarded and set the bar low.

Won't ruin the game for me at all. But I am hopeful. I'm far to old to get the pitchforks out over a video game.