I don't like RNG, so I don't like saving throws.

But I don't like current system either cause it's too "all or nothing". Once the armour is gone, the character turns into a helpless ragdoll. I'd prefer saving throws to this tbh.

Maybe a better system would be to have armour passively regenerate each turn, so you actually have to overcome it every time and not just once (not fully, but some %). I'd also let characters gain some small amount of both physical and magic armour through leveling to not rely 100% on itemisation. Not sure if there's a possibility for a drastic redesign here though.

Alternatively at least give some temporary hard CC immunity after suffering through one e.g. being stunned granting a stun immunity for the next 2 turns, so it's more difficult to chain CC stuff (I hope the game would have good difficulty and battles will last for more than 1 turn in its final state)

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