Another couple of minor buglets to add to my list:

  • There's been a couple of times my currently selected character has become unresponsive and won't move. Switching to another character, moving, and switching back again seems to unstick her.
  • On one occasion, one of the my enemies (a void turtle, if it's important) continued to move after its turn had ended.

And the other stuff I've mentioned in the patch release topic, repeated here to attempt to corral them; new bugs:

  • Ground markers (position markers for both enemies and my team) often don't clear after combat or using weapons & spells out of combat (e.g. knocking down barriers). They eventually disappear after leaving the area but persist until then. Already mentioned by MadScientist, but just for completeness.
  • Big fps drops and lag during combat: these seem quite erratic and last maybe 5-10 seconds each but the slowdowns are noticeable and slightly disconcerting. Input can also become quite unreliable until they pass. Minescence mentioned use of poison during these slow-downs (in MP in their case, SP in mine) which is a possible cause.
  • When returning Griff's oranges and he asks for the identity of the culprit, the conciliatory option can get stuck and just repeats in the speech log, leaving combat as the only option.
  • Also during the Griff's oranges quest, Amyro's cage can flicker very badly.

And some old problems that are still outstanding:

  • Again during Griff's oranges quest, if Silence is intercepted the sounds of combat and a female voice continue afterwards until leaving the area.
  • Some items of clothing are still using the wrong models.
  • Physics-enabled clothing (particularly skirts) are still glitchy, flickering badly in CC and flipping upwards and getting stuck during gameplay.

J'aime le fromage.