When people discuss the unified belief that the system is 'broken'; I think the people who like the armor system are confusing the sentence with the implication that the armor system should be removed. Even the OP simply suggests complementing the system with saving throws and giving options for when armor is gone. Which is actually simply an improvement on the armor system; not an override.

It's not a loud minority. Everyone thinks the new system is too 'all or nothing' and that the armor system has large rooms for improvement. The divide isn't about the system being flawed, but in how to shore up said flaws.

Connecting saving throws with the armor value seems too much to me. The pain reflection defense seems pretty awesome new change, but doesnt really address the CC issue of 'all or nothing'

The new leadership system effecting dodge and such is neat, but unless it effects the entire party, up to and including the 'leader' themselves, we run into the issue of one character in the party feeling pretty weak cause of lack of points to use for his own needs.