This is very specific, but I hope OnCharacterStatus, CharacterGetStatusSourceCharacter, and CharacterRemoveStatus will be able to take specific CONSUME statuses. Makes custom status design clumsy or impossible in some cases. It would also be nice to be able to create Auras with CONSUME statuses.

I also have found ItemGetStat to be really limited, making it difficult to check what kind of item a character has used. It seems like only weight and vitality can be taken.

There were also some serious limits to crafting. There were lots of things you couldn't add to objects with a crafting recipe, like weapon on-hit effects, +skills, damage reflection, etc.

I also the functionality to add on-hit conditions to armor would work. Moreover, adding various proc conditions would be awesome, like On Miss or On Attack of Opportunity, On Backstab, etc. Some of these seemed to be in the code, but I never could get anything but Self:OnHit:weaponproc to work.

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