Today (3/28/2017) introduced patch, the Summoning and Polymorph update.

Along with adding two new classes with their own mechanics and skills, a large variety of minor changes have been made to varying mechanics, features, interactions, quest flow, monster abilities and placements and more.

Putting this in it's own special spot.

The Summoner vendor is Nebora the tinkerer woman near the entrance to Fort Joy's camp. Big tent next to the main gate into the fort itself.

The Polymorph vendor is Doctor Leste found near the Caverns, go straight down to the beach from Nebora's tent and you'll find her.


Some things I have noticed personally.

Ifan is now a Wayfarer. I don't really understand that change, doesn't really feel like it fits thematically, but since you can change his class anyways I guess it doesn't matter.

The same for Sebille, she is now a Rogue again doesn't really matter, but just an observation.

Ifan now fights with you and Elodi for The Shakedown quest, this is probably because some players will be drawn to that before they ever find any more companions and helps point out Ifan right away.

The Saltwater Crocodiles aren't as punishing now in my experience, they can also teleport player characters with their Scale-Portation ability.

If you talk to Stingtail for The Imprisoned Elf quest with Sebille or The Red Prince next to you you get into a sort of argument/debate with them about who is going to converse with Stingtail first as Sebille wants to kill him and The Red Prince seems to let him eat the Drudanae. So you really don't want them nearby if you want to convince him to hand over the orange.

Skillbooks got new icons, they look really cool compared to the old ones.

When you get near a mound and have enough Wit to find it they appear and give a little shimmer of gold rays to indicate that you found it. Probably not the best color as it is hard to notice, but I'm sure it'll help some players notice them easier since in dirt patches it can be hard to see that you found one without an indicator.

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