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When you went down to the basement of Boratus' house, сarefully search the table nearby (I almost forgot this quest, but the prison cells' keys should be there).
By the way You should get 2 free Lockpicking points in the thieves' guild in Verdistis. I highly recommend maxing this skill (up to level 5) 'cause it is necessary to solve some other side quests.

I didn't notice that the desk itself lit up before so my search with "alt" didn't show anything. Thanks - freed the wolves and the wolves fed themselves with Boratus.

Raze said: You can get a level of Lockpick by failing the bet in the thieves guild. It isn't free, but is cheaper than a spell book, and gold is easy to acquire.

For the forum search, you can only search within a 3 year range (newer than 3 years, newer than 6 years and older than 3 years, etc). If you do a google search you can specify site:larian.com to search the entire forum (though depending on the search terms, may also have to include the game name to limit results to (mostly) the relevant game)

Yeah, I got some five to six full piles of gold so I guess losing a 20,000G bet wouldn't be so bad. I don't think spell books are that expensive, though (or, maybe I added a zero to the amount - my memory is strange).

As far as searching, for this game, I've been doing it as "more then three years" due to it's age. When nothing comes up, I look through the posts page by page until I can't take it any longer. I'm sure 22 pages is more then three years but, I did a Yahoo! search using "Divine Divinity Boratus" which produced a discussion of some sort with two links that each took me to a different thread here so, there are at least two Boratus threads here that the search didn't find and that was not within 22 pages of the latest thread. I'm likely just not very adept on using this particular search function; I just searched for "Boratus" within the "help, etc" area of Divine Divinity. Perhaps being less general would have produced a result but usually it works the opposite way.

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