I didn't remember the amount of the bet, just that at the time it seemed relatively cheap, considering what you'd pay for a spell book (playing a warrior, I'd buy any spell book that looked like it could be useful; that was the only option to 'buy' a survivor skill level). Even if it is more expensive than the average spell book (which now that you mention it, you're probably right), gold charms at the end of the game are 50K, and I got about 30 from drops and bought another 30 (as well as any spell books that showed up that I didn't already have the spell maxed), without any intention of using them.

The forum search function has some idiosyncrasies, such as ignoring 3 letter (or less) search terms. Searching the English DD forums just for 'Boratus' 6-9 years ago gives a handful of results, 9-12 years a dozen, and 12-15 almost 150 (3-6 gives nothing, and 0-3 returns this topic biggrin ).