Hi guy! Great job with the game master mode! I want to try it!!!!!

But if i can suggest some features:
-A vignet with a full screen image.
-3d rolling dice will be really immersive. Gm and NPC rolling dice possible.
-an npc creator like the player creator, where we can change the face and the hair.
or an player characters importer for the player and the npc.
-the possibility to control the player's characters, and the possibility to teleport them everywhere in the map.
-Share the npc's portrait to the players, when they are talking.
-pvp possible!!!
-song and music importer. I know it's difficult with the copyright.

With this, the game master mode will be perfect for me!

Now, I just wait to see the new Divinity engine. If this one is simple to use(more than the old one), I can see a great and long life for your game!

Thanks for your work!

PS: sorry for my bad english.