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I have a question to the developers:
Since D:OS 2 doesn't use bodybuilding and willpower as part of a RNG based enemy/crowd control and resistance system, did you also remove this feature from the engine or is it still in place but not used? So will it be possible to use the old system (or a similar one) for main campaign modding and standalone modules?
I think many of us hope for more possibilities with the updated engine and editor. New serious restrictions to core mechanics would take away a lot of potential from D:OS 2 modding.

This! Even further, I wouldn't mind a hybrid, with the following variables:
- Flat cc resist if armor is active (>0)
- % based cc resist for armor (eg at half physical armor, physical cc chance reduced by half this value)
- Base spell cc chance
- Bonus chance per caster offensive stat
- Reduced chance per target defensive stat (bodybuilding,willpower)

Ideally, this could make cc possible (10-30%) through armor, but if you want to be sure of cc then you had better deplete enemy armor.

Ideally the editor would be powerful enough to handle redoing the cc system to something like this, but if not hardcoding these values in would allow for flexibility between a DOS2 system, and one more like DOS/dnd

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