While I am at it, a few other things I would like to be able to do:

1) Limit skill usage. Disable skills outside of combat, to keep exploration / healing consumables interesting, instead of teleport and heal spam. Additionally, the option of making abilities more limited, either by costing another resource (e.g. mana), or by having a set number of charges that are occasionally replenished (I think this last one is more DnD style? Would be a popular option to have with GM mode bringing their interest)

2) The ability to redo the action points to be more like DOS, eg. variable and higher start, max, and regen of AP.

3) I know GM mode won't have scripting, but the ability to interact with mod tool's scripting would be appreciated. For example, this would solve the complaints about companions. The GM could have a script to save the currently selected NPC, and then recreate it whenever the party moves to the next map, activated by a button press.